The Virtual Cave - Contains pictures of the many kinds of cave speleothems by an award winning cave photographer.

National Caving Association - The national body representing the interests of cavers in England, Scotland and Wales. It is recognised as the National Governing Body by the Sports Council who give grant-aid to some of its activities

British Cave Research Association - The UK's "representative" national body for individual cavers to join. The BCRA is a registered charity whose object is to promote the study of caves and associated phenomena.

World Outdoor Web - The World Outdoor Web is run by Tom Phillips, an outdoor enthusiast, and web designer from Lancaster, UK. W-o-W specialises in outoor activity, adventure, and holiday web sites and promotion. There are caving photos and videos and articles on this site.

Wessex Cave Club - The best cave club in the world, probably! 

Caving.UK - The one-stop caving site created in partnership with Descent magazine

California Underground - Interactive web site based on the "California Underground, our Caves and Subterreanean Habitats" from the Oakland Museum of California

Captain Cavemans TAG cave page - Photos and info on caves and caving events in Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia

The Cave Page - Contains articles, links and information on techniques and caves around the world.

Cave Research Foundation - Dedicated to documenting, studying and protecting caves and karst

Cavers Digest Archive - An archive of the last five issues of the Cavers Digest mailing list. If you want to join the mailing list, there is also an E-Mail link to the moderator.

Caving at Hiker Central - Caving for the serious spelunker - Basically a link-collection

Caving in Italy - This site was born on April 1995, thanks to the help of many Italian cavers. It aims to represent all the spectrum of Italian caving activity, through web pages from the various contributors or through links to other web sites.

The Caving Pages - Explains how to get started and where to find caves. Includes state-by-state listing of caves across the U.S. Images of different cave types. Caving books and software.

Ozark Caving - Ozark Caving is a general caving web site designed to represent caving from all over the region. It's a place to start for getting involved in organized caving, finding caving organizations (grottos), commercial caves, springs, and other related speleological information.

Pasturized Cave News - Welcome to the Northeast Diggers home-page, which is being constructed by cavers from all over New York state.

Station R: Caving - Interesting site on caving in the southeast of the United States

TrogNet - A virtual library of all key Internet information related to naturally occurring and artificial sub-surface cavities. This information is derived from commercial, professional and amateur sources.

Yorkshire Dales Guides - caving,walking and other adventurous activities - Caving trips from introductory, ladder/life line and SRT to underground safety and self rescue. Also mountain/hill walking, navigation skills, safety,team building and Adventure Trails.

International Union of Speleology

UIS Informatics Commission

Alderley Mines more info - I have recently set up a site to cover the Alderley Mines in more detail than the link above which my  friend Charlie Cleary has done. Please see this site as an addition and not a replacement.

Bracknell District Caving Club

Bradford Pothole Club - Yorkshire club. Hostel - Brackenbottom, Horton-in-Ribblesdale

Bristol Exploration Club - Mendip based club. HQ and hut - Belfry

British Cave Research Association - BCRA is a charity whose object is to promote the study of caves and associated phenomena. "Representative body" for individual cavers, within the National Caving Association.

British Mining Database - Listing of websites covering mines throughout the UK and Ireland.

Brynmawr Caving Club

Burnley Caving Club

Cambridge Climbing and Caving Club

Crewe Climbing and Potholing Club

Croydon Caving Club - Caving club based in the SE of England. Cave in all parts of the UK. Club cottage in South Wales

Cwmbran Caving Club - South Wales based club.

Derbyshire Caving Club

Dudley Caving Club - Formerly the Dudley Cave Rescue Team

Gwynedd Cave & Pothole Club

Harston Caving Club - Cheadle, Staffordshire

Hereford Caving Club

Isca Caving and Mountaineering Club - A South Wales Club, based in Caerleon, Gwent.

Manchester University Speleological Society

Mendip Caving Group

Mendip Nature Research Committee - Accommodation - Mendip Nature Research Station, Wells Hill Bottom

National Caving Association - The National Body for Caving in England, Scotland and Wales.

North Wales Cave Rescue Organisation

North Wales Caving Club

Northern Pennine Club - Yorkshire Club. HQ - Greenclose House

Quaking Quakers - Darlington, C.o. Durham

Shropshire Caving & Mining Club

South Wales Caving Club

Subterranea Britannica - Subterranea Britannica is a society devoted to the study and investigation of man-made and man-used underground places.

Swaledale Outdoor Club - Richmond, North Yorkshire

Technical Speleological Group

Wealden Cave & Mine Society

Wessex Cave Club - Mendip Club, HQ - Upper Pitts, Priddy

White Rose Pot Hole Club - Yorkshire based club.

William Pengelly Cave Studies Trust

Crag Cave, Ireland's most exciting showcave. - Crag Cave, Ireland's most exciting showcave, Castleisland, Co. Kerry, Ireland.

Bulletin Bibliographique Spéléologique - Speleological Abstracts

Cave and Karst Terminology - by J.N. Jennings

Cave Research Foundation - dedicated to documenting, studying and protecting caves and karst resources - Information on karst, dye tracing, fluorescent dyes, tracing techniques, geophysical techniques for dealing with karst terrains.

Geoindicators: Karst activity - Short introduction, with reference citations.

Karst Information Pages - Primer on karst hydrology, scenic tour of karst around the world, and karst links (part of site).

Karsts of Australia - Short discussion of karst development in Australia.

National Speleological Society - Advancing the study, conservation, exploration, and knowledge of caves. Although primary focus is on recreation, site has extensive information and links about caves and karst.

Yugoslav Karst - The geology and distribution of karst in Yugoslavia, some interesting karst areas, caves and other karst features.

Anchialine Caves and Cave Fauna - Diversity, significance and distribution of anchialine caves and cave animals. Anchialine or coastal marine caves contain a diverse and highly significant fauna. While some are primitive "living fossils", others are closely related to deep sea species. Since such anchialine cave animals are frequently limited to a single cave or cave system, pollution or destruction of these caves can result in the extinction of entire species.

Biospeleology (cave biology) - Texas Memorial Museum's web site on biospeleology. Information on the biota of caves, karst, and groundwater.

Cave microbiology - A serendipitous collection of information and internet links about the microbial life of caves.

Florida's Aquatic Troglobites - About the amazing aquatic creatures found in Florida's water-filled limestone "basement".

Graham Proudlove's Cave Biology e-mail list - Email list for scientific discussion of cave biology.

Groundwater Biology - Exhaustive collection of information about groundwater and cave biology. Checklist and bibliography for most taxa, distribution maps, images and useful links. Updated regularly.

Map of biodiversity levels of karst landforms in the United States - jpeg image

American Underwater Lighting - American producer of underwater-lamps.

Aquatech Dive Center - Specializes in cave and cavern diving in Quintana Roo Mexico. Diving instruction, tours and lodging in Aventuras Akumal.

Blue Holes Foundation - Exploration and scientific investigations of underwater caves in the Bahamas.

Cave Courses - Company that specializes in cavern and cave diving courses.

Cave Diver Database - An international list of cave divers and contact information.

Cave Diving Group - The oldest diving club in the world. Training and support for sump diving in Great Britain.

The Cave Diving Website - Everything you need to know about cavern or cave diving you'll find right here or through one of our many links.

G.E.S.S. - Group for Underwater and Speleological Exploration - Cave diving and conservation in Romanian caves.

Grupo de Exploracion Ox Bel Ha - Exploration, survey and research of cenotes and underground rivers of the Yucatan Peninsula.

Loco Gringo Underground - Cave, cavern and technical diving training in Akumal Mexico. Projecto Yaxchen, an ongoing effort to link a chain of cenotes by underwater caves, is featured here.

Mayatech - Cave exploration and advanced instruction in Yucatan Mexico with Andreas Matthes.

Mexico Profundo - Dedicated to advancing knowledge of water filled caves and related features in México and Central America. Includes mapping and surveying as well as a study of the geology, biology, and hydrology of each system.

National Association for Cave Diving - Cave diving training, education, exploration and research.

Wakulla 2 Expedition of the US Deep Caving Team, Inc.

Welsh Section Cave Diving Group - Club news and information on the Welsh Section of the Cave Diving Group.

Woodville Karst Plain Project - Exploration of deep underwater caves in North Florida.

Caving Safety and Self Rescue Techniques - This site contains information about the Self Rescue Group - a team of cavers dedicated to developing, documenting, and teaching caving self rescue techniques to cavers in the western US.

Oxford University Cave Club Expedition Rescue Guide - Detailed paper on expeditionary styles of cave rescue.


CAPS Cave Mapping Software & Electronic Survey Equipment - News flash

Cave Modeling - Todd R. Kincaid - 3-D Modeling of Phreatic Karst Caves -- visualization and quantification of cave geometry. Examples from Turkey and Florida.

CavePlot Home Page - Welcome to CavePlot's Home Page

Indonesia Cave Survey Groups - Acintyacunyata Foundation base in Yogyakarta-Indonesia, near Gunung Sewu karst area. In Indonesian leanguage.

The Survex Project - The Survex Project

Texas Speleological Survey

toporobot - Toporobot by Martin Heller is the premier system for computer aided cave cartography.

Try Virtual Caving -

WinKarst Cave Mappng Software

Cave Photography - Cave Photography by author Peter Gedei from Slovenia.

Darklight Imagery

Dudge's caving photo archive - Lots of caving photographs from Dudge's recent caving trips.

Gavin Newman - Action Photographics Home Page - The Worlds BestAction & Adventure Sports Photography & Features

Images Below - A manual of underground and flash photography - The Images Below site covers a book on underground photography as well as other works by Chris Howes

Inside Chiquibul @ - Interactive photographic tour of Chiquibul, the world's longest cave, by photographer Stephen Alvarez.

Underground Photographer Home Page

Speleoclub AVALON - The Yellow Pages of Caving In Belgium.

Slovakia Cave Server - The Slovakia: Cave Server presents an information about caves and cavers in Slovakia in the Central Europe. It's placed in Kosice in East Slovakia.

World Caving Sites - Find cave sites by Country.


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