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British Caving Association - The national body representing the interests of cavers in England, Scotland and Wales. It is recognised as the National Governing Body by the Sports Council who give grant-aid to some of its activities

British Cave Research Association - The UK's "representative" national body for individual cavers to join. The BCRA is a registered charity whose object is to promote the study of caves and associated phenomena.

Wessex Cave Club - The best cave club in the world, probably! 

Cave Research Foundation - Dedicated to documenting, studying and protecting caves and karst

Caving at Hiker Central - Caving for the serious spelunker - Basically a link-collection

Yorkshire Dales Guides - caving,walking and other adventurous activities - Caving trips from introductory, ladder/life line and SRT to underground safety and self rescue. Also mountain/hill walking, navigation skills, safety,team building and Adventure Trails.

Bracknell District Caving Club

British Cave Research Association - BCRA is a charity whose object is to promote the study of caves and associated phenomena. "Representative body" for individual cavers, within the National Caving Association.

Crewe Climbing and Potholing Club

Croydon Caving Club - Caving club based in the SE of England. Cave in all parts of the UK. Club cottage in South Wales

Mendip Nature Research Committee - Accommodation - Mendip Nature Research Station, Wells Hill Bottom

Subterranea Britannica - Subterranea Britannica is a society devoted to the study and investigation of man-made and man-used underground places.

White Rose Pot Hole Club - Yorkshire based club.

William Pengelly Cave Studies Trust

Crag Cave, Ireland's most exciting showcave. - Crag Cave, Ireland's most exciting showcave, Castleisland, Co. Kerry, Ireland.

Cave Research Foundation - dedicated to documenting, studying and protecting caves and karst resources - Information on karst, dye tracing, fluorescent dyes, tracing techniques, geophysical techniques for dealing with karst terrains.

Geoindicators: Karst activity - Short introduction, with reference citations.

Karst Information Pages - Primer on karst hydrology, scenic tour of karst around the world, and karst links (part of site).

National Speleological Society - Advancing the study, conservation, exploration, and knowledge of caves. Although primary focus is on recreation, site has extensive information and links about caves and karst.

Anchialine Caves and Cave Fauna - Diversity, significance and distribution of anchialine caves and cave animals. Anchialine or coastal marine caves contain a diverse and highly significant fauna. While some are primitive "living fossils", others are closely related to deep sea species. Since such anchialine cave animals are frequently limited to a single cave or cave system, pollution or destruction of these caves can result in the extinction of entire species.

Cave Diving Group - The oldest diving club in the world. Training and support for sump diving in Great Britain.

The Cave Diving Website - Everything you need to know about cavern or cave diving you'll find right here or through one of our many links.

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