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Overseas Expedition Leaders

  • Job Location

    Worldwide expeditions

  • Start date

    Various dates

  • Duration

    Various durations

  • Job Benefits

    £550 for first week and £500 for subsequent weeks


Benefits of leading for us:

  • Pay – £550 for first week and £500 for subsequent weeks
  • Ownership – do all the training for your team starting up to 18 months in advance, and help them choose their flexible itinerary
  • Personal support – wilderness expertise runs a maximum of 30 teams per year


All our leaders require:

  • ML Summer assessed as a minimum, some expedition require further qualifications
  • Advanced First Aid (REC Level 4, Far from Help etc.)
  • Overseas Expedition Leading experience and experience of working with the 16-18 year old age group
  • Relevant country experience (or prepared to do a recce)
  • Facilitation skills

About us

Wilderness Expertise specialises in providing overseas personal development expeditions for students aged 12 to 18. These expeditions help those involved realise their potential in a safe, supportive and exhilarating environment. ...
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Copyright ©2006 - 2021. 247 Media Ltd.